3D Laser cutting



3D Laser cutting  

The most advanced 3D laser cutting equipment

The precision tolerance of iron, steel, and carbon steel is 0.01mm, with high stability

4-axis 360 degree rotation (XYZ direction)

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Three Dimensional Five Axis Laser Processing Machine, Recognized Worldwide As A Convenient, High-Speed, And High-Precision Three-Dimensional Five Axis Laser Processing Machine

  1. A point-to-point cutting head is connected to C The position of the A-axis is independent and can always be positioned at a cutting point (teaching point), which can greatly improve work efficiency for the convenience of teaching.


2. As it points towards the cutting head, the effective machining range is X Y. The actual travel of the Z-axis.


3. During teaching, the cutting head can be directly moved to the desired cutting position through the two joysticks on the box for three-dimensional five axis motion, making the operation more intuitive, simple, and with higher accuracy.

4. This machine is also equipped with a needle type teaching head, which can be easily exchanged with the cutting head.

5. The capacitive non-contact cutting head can track the ups and downs of the working surface at high speed, always at a certain height to protect the working surface. The three-layer structure (patent) can track very small R-angles and has no side electrical interference.


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